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Why Do Pilots Get The Cheapest Car Insurance?

I was reading up on who has the cheapest auto insurance recently. Because. Well, I wanted it to be me.

Turns out I’m gonna have to have a career change to make that happen. Because the cheapest car insurance quotes go to pilots.

Now, I’m not being funny. But why do pilots get a cheap deal? Flying a plane, in my opinion, is in no way similar to driving a car. Nor is it worthy of a good deal on insurance.

For one, there are no traffic jams and idiot drivers to contend with when you’re flying around 10,000 feet above the ground. So pilots are not more practised at dealing with either.

You get a copilot to help you fly a plane and instruction from air traffic controllers. They’re trained not to rely on themselves alone. Which is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing behind the wheel of a car.

And surely focussing on keeping hundreds of people alive for the length of a long haul flight would leave them too exhausted to focus on the road when they’re done. They’re probably also more likely to have jet-lag which just sounds like a terrible state to be in whilst driving a car.

Flying a plane doesn’t make pilots more qualified to make their way through rush hour unscathed. And it doesn’t mean that they are going to park only in safe places. Actually, they’re probably going to leave their cars unattended for long periods of time while they jet off to the other side of the world.

And pilots get paid a lot, so the car they drive is probably going to be a decent one. One that will be expensive to repair in the event of an accident. One interesting thing is though, that when it comes to very cheap car insurance no deposit we’re all equal! Yah!

What’s disappointing about this is that women only account for 4% of all pilots!